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When planning a trip with the trip planner we recommend using the land marks instead of addresses but you also need to know the right land marks.  While it should be Gorge View is not a listed landmark.  However as we are across the street from the Niagara Falls Aquarium and it is a land mark it makes things quite easy.  Just click on the land mark tab, and choose ENTERTAINMENT CENTER.  A second drop down will appear and you can then choose the NIAGARA FALLS AQUARIUM. While our example displays this for the "from" in the trip planner you can do the same to select Gorge View as your destination.


  How you get to Gorge View

Public transportation is a challenge in America and can feel more challenging in and around Niagara Falls.  Using the local buses to go to and from Gorge View to other major attractions is made much easier using the (NFTA) Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority's website trip planner.  Below are some hints to make the NFTA Trip Planner more user friendly for you.